Buy our Electricity


West Solent Solar Cooperative sells its electricity to Midcounties Cooperative who trade as Cooperative Energy.

They have a scheme where their customers can choose the precise generators that will supply their electricity. it Is called the User Chooser scheme – giving power to the people.

A quick way to find the scheme is to type into Google or whatever browser you use.

  • Then choose why choose us
  • Then our energy sources
  • Then click on the button
  • Then click on the “find out more” button on the User Chooser box

A map of the UK then appears. Click on the icon just above the Isle of Wight. West Solent Solar Cooperative appears.

It states that this site powers 675 homes and (currently) 566 homes can still sign up to this site.

So far 109 people have chosen West Solent Solar Coop.