West Solent Solar Co-operative operates a 2.4MW solar farm which went live on 27th June 2014. We supply our power into the public grid, generating enough electricity to power approximately 650 homes.

The Co-op has 485 members who each invested capital to enable us to raise £2.5 million to build this major community energy project. We operate as a member owned company limited by shares and follow cooperative principles of ‘one member, one vote’. Our annual operating surplus is distributed to our members and to a community benefit fund which makes grants to local sustainability projects.

Information about the Coop

Members icon485 members who are all shareholders in the company and have equal voting rights in running it
Directors icon8 Directors, each of whom carry out roles that deliver specific support to the benefit of the Co-op
Management iconThe Board appointed Energy4All to carry out the day-to-day management & administration of the Co-op
Profits iconA portion of profits from the scheme are distributed to community funds in the local area


2021 Annual General Meeting

Our 2021 Annual General Meeting will take place online in mid July. The date will be confirmed shortly

Previous AGMs

Our most recent physical Annual General Meeting took place on 27 April 2019 at Milford Community Centre, a lovely sustainable community facility which we have used for our previous AGMs. In addition to updates on the performance of our project, we had excellent presentations from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust who advise on the biodiversity of our 12 acre site.

We also heard a presentation by Alan Whitehead, MP for Southampton Test, shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change who is passionately committed to supporting more sustainable energy policies. He spoke about Labour energy policy and also spoke more broadly on the case for renewables.

Our AGMs are much more than just a formality, and have become a great opportunity for our community of shareholders to meet and share success stories in the fight against climate change.


View Solar Farm output live online

Output performance figures for the farm can now be viewed live online in our PVsense interface. Click on the graph below to view performance over different time periods.

View live performance figures.


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