Your Co-op

West Solent Solar Co-operative is a co-operative owned by its members. It gives you an opportunity to get involved in green energy generation. Members elect directors and each member has one vote in a members’ meeting regardless of the number of shares held. Members are protected by limited liability and are only obliged to contribute the initial cost of their Shares.

West Solent Solar was formed in August 2013 as an Industrial & Provident Society governed by Cooperative Rules. The Solar Park became operational in June 2014. Following a change in the Financial Conduct Authority’s interpretation of the international guidelines for Industrial and Provident Societies, the cooperative transitioned to a Company Limited by Shares in April 2021 and continues to follow one member, one vote rules and a cooperative ethos for the benefit of members and the local community.

The Co-op is run by a Board of Directors. The 2.4MW solar park on the south east coast near Lymington was constructed with the help of Energy4All.

A co-op is the legal entity which enables the community to own assets such as a solar park. A co-op subscribes to co-operative values which include
• a commitment to equality, fairness, honesty and social responsibility
• It also follows key principles such as operating in a democratic manner (one member one vote –regardless of how large or small a member’s investment).

In line with these principles, all Energy4All co-ops aim to maximise the social, economic, and environmental benefits of renewable energy schemes to the community. Energy4All encourages people from all walks of life to get involved in the co-ops it creates and so make a real practical contribution to the fight against climate change while earning a return on an ethical investment.