Spring lambs and sheep arrive on the solar farm to graze the grass.

After two successful years of bringing sheep on to the solar farm to graze the grass in the autumn and break up the soil, we are now trying some spring grazing too. The aim is to keep the current rapid spring growth of the grass under control in April and early May, and hopefully see some of the fresh new heads of any emerging weeds (docks, thistles etc) also nibbled off. Apart from helping the field to look tidier, this will reduce the amount of thick grass on site, allowing the wildflowers more “breathing space” and reduce the need for mowing over the summer months, which means the wild flowers will get to grow and set seed undisturbed. Any individual tall weeds that do start to grow and cast a shadow over the solar panels can then just be strimmed as necessary.





As well as being a really effective grass and weed management tool on the field, we think the spring lambs and their mums look like they are already totally at home on the solar farm!

Grateful thanks to Peter and Victoria Niccolls for bringing their lovely flock to the field!