Launch of Thermal Imaging Camera Loan Scheme

West Solent Solar Cooperative is delighted to be launching its Thermal-imaging Camera Loan Scheme for the winter of 2021/22.

One of our cooperative’s aims is to promote the conservation of energy. With gas prices rising steeply in the autumn of 2021, many householders are now very keen that their homes should retain the warmth that’s been generated by their heating system. The same is true for community buildings and business premises.

However, to prevent heat leaking out of our homes and other buildings, we need to know where the trouble-spots are. These can easily be identified with a thermal-imaging camera which can see where warmth is being lost to the outside (e.g. through a poorly insulated roof), or where cold is getting in (e.g. through a badly-fitting window).

To help address this need, West Solent Solar Cooperative has now purchased a set of miniature thermal-imaging cameras.

We will be working in conjunction with the Schools Energy Project (run by New Forest Transition CIC) which has been providing thermal-imaging surveys since 2013. Whilst the Project is continuing to provide surveys of the outside of buildings, we will be lending out our cameras via the Project’s website to enable householders to survey inside their homes.  Ongoing support with interpreting thermal images will be available from the Project.

All proceeds from the loan of these cameras will go into our Community Grant Fund to support other community sustainability projects.

To request a thermal-imaging survey and loan of one of the cooperative’s cameras, please click here: thermal imaging request form.